A major objective for every business is to implement methods to improve quality standards. As an Outer Banks construction company, one of our main concerns is to protect homes against the daily impact of coastal elements.  Two major culprits are wind and moisture, so discovering the innovative ZIP System® answered the call to increase structural stability while providing a protective barrier against air and water.  An effective solution to dealing with a consistent one-two punch … so to speak!

Many contractors continue to use the traditional housewrap method.  Unfortunately the wrap can pull loose from plywood allowing water and air to penetrate the structure.  Gone unnoticed, this can result in costly repairs years later.  ZIP System® is a 3-in-1 panel that features a (1) wood structural panel, (2) water resistant barrier that is fused to the OSB panel, and (3) a specially formulated acrylic tape that adheres across and flows into panel seams to create an outstanding water tight seal.

If there’s one objective a contractor and owner can easily agree to, it is the importance of maintaining a timely schedule for home delivery.  Testing labs show that the installation of the two part ZIP System® is 40% quicker than applying traditional housewraps; and once installed the house is immediately water tight so tradesmen can proceed with interior work.  In my mind, this is the ultimate definition of efficiency!

As the owner of Dream Builders Construction and Development and an Outer Banks contractor since 2006, I have experience using ZIP System® products on walls and roofing since 2010.  Over the years, the time savings and quality results have provided monumental value to me and my clients.

An additional benefit is that a tighter structure means a more energy efficient home resulting in year-round savings to homeowners.  Last but not least, the original owner benefits from a 30 year limited warranty (from date of installation) which equals longstanding peace of mind.  When your company’s ultimate mission is satisfied clients, this product sets the stage for success. – Ali Amini